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4 Days Magway Region Sightseeing Tours Travel Photo

4 Days Magway Region Sightseeing Tours

  • Day 1:Depart from Yangon and heading to Magway
  • Day 2: San yit wine village and Minbu sightseeing
  • Day 3: Minhla fortess, Beikthano ( Phyu ancient city)
  • Day 4: Depart from Magway to Yangon
4 Days in Kyaikhtiyoe Travel Photo

4 Days in Kyaikhtiyoe

Among the most natural beauty in Myanmar, mount Kyaiktiyo is one of the tourist attraction place where it is located near the Kyaik Hto Township, Mon state. A unique feature of the temple is situated on a protruding rock on a mountain; legend has it that the stone still stands over the years by temples a hair of the Buddha. On this way back, visitors can easily take another visit to one of the ancient city, it named “ Han Tharweddy Town ( now PAGO) where are completed with greatest archeological site on earth.